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Global Classroom: The Art of Horse Whispering at Nihi Sumba, with Carol Sharpe

Meet Nihi Sumba’s Carol Sharpe, the horse whisperer behind Indonesia’s Sandalwood Stables, and learn about how this intuitive practice can also be used as a mirror for alignment and self-discovery. 

Wednesday, June 3rd, 5:30PM ET

Global Conversation: Lotus Arts de Vivre Creator Rolf von Bueren and Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley

How do you represent a place, a culture, a sensibility in objets d'art? Bangkok's Rolf von Bueren, creator of Thailand's cult luxury brand Lotus Arts de Vivre has the answers.

Wednesday, June 3rd, 7:00PM ET

Global Conversation: designer Britt Moran, WSJ. Magazine contributing editor Sarah Medford and Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley - POSTPONED

Designer Britt Moran and WSJ.’s Sarah Medford will talk about contemporary design and the evolution and importance of Milan’s legendary Salone del Mobile.

Thursday, June 4th, 12:00PM ET

Global Classroom: Workshop: Flower Arranging with Philip Hammond, Designer Florist at The Dorchester, London

Join this master class as our expert takes you through the process of creating a quintessentially British hand-tied floral bouquet. 

Thursday, June 4th, 2:00PM ET

Global Classroom: The Vines of Bordeaux: Right Bank versus Left Bank Wines with a Master of Wine

Join a master of wine in one of the world’s most famous wine regions—Bordeaux—for a deep dive into the region’s history, culture and terroir.

Thursday, June 4th, 5:30PM ET
*Wine is flying fast off the shelves - RSVP today!

Global Conversation: travel writer Sophy Roberts and Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley

One of our favorite travel writers, Sophy Roberts, Zooms in from Dorset to talk about the lure of the remote, the future of travel writing, the role of tourism in conservation and much more.

Friday, June 5th, 12:30PM ET

Global Classroom: Building Your Bar: Home Bartending Techniques with Matthew Hunter, Head Bartender of Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park's Head Bartender will teach you how to make four delicious, simple, balanced cocktails with spirits that will become staples on your back bar.

Friday, June 5th, 5:30PM ET
*Fee to participate

Global Classroom: St. Peter’s Basilica: Then & Now

A narrative exploration of St. Peter’s Basilica with one of our favorite guides in Italy.

Monday, June 8th, 10:00AM ET
*Fee to participate

Global Classroom: Sotheby's Worldwide Head of Wine, Jamie Ritchie and Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley

Jamie Ritchie, Sotheby's Worldwide Head of Wine, will discuss selling places, pedigree and connoisseurship in a bottle, as we go behind the scenes with the world's leading wine auctioneer.

Monday, June 8th, 1:00PM ET

Global Classroom: Brazilian Food Tales - Desserts

Chef Fabio Taveira teaches you how to make three of the country's favorite desserts: the Brigadeiro (fudge balls), the Quindim (a coconut custard), and the Peanut Paçoca (a candy treat).

Monday, June 8th, 4:00PM ET
*Fee to participate

Global Classroom: Sicilian Gelo Cooking Class

Join our Sicilian-based chef to learn how to make Gelo, also known as Biancomangiare, a delicious traditional Sicilian cold, pudding-type spoon dessert infused with spices.

Tuesday, June 9th, 10:00AM ET
*Fee to Participate 

Global Conversation: contemporary design specialist and architect Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley

A force in contemporary art, Milan-based architect-curator Nicolas Bellavalance-Lecompte discusses his design show, Nomad—and what it’s like to be an inveterate nomad.

Tuesday, June 9th, 12:00PM ET

Global Classroom: Lecture: The Rwanda Genocide, Then and Now

Learn more about the causes, events and ramifications of the Rwanda genocide from the director of the memorial in Kigali, one of the most important tourist sites in the country.

Tuesday, June 9th, 1:00PM ET

Global Classroom: Old Town Virtual Tour of Kraków

Take a journey through Polish history, as we virtually visit the most beautiful places in Kraków’s Old Town.

Wednesday, June 10th, 10:00AM ET

Global Classroom: Cooking Class: Moroccan Tagine Cooking Class

Travel (virtually) to Morocco and learn the secret to perfect tagine, the traditional North African dish, in this hands-on workshop at the Fez Cooking School of Palais Amani.

Wednesday, June 10th, 1:00PM ET

Global Classroom: Lecture & Q&A: 17th-century Dutch Flower Still life Paintings

Step back in time and explore Dutch flower culture on canvas with an art historian in the Netherlands to learn about the genre and the symbolism behind these beautiful works of art.

Thursday, June 11th, 10:00AM ET

Global Classroom: Contemporary Art Tour Live from the Artists' Studios

Meet artists Damien Elwes, Heidi Lanino and Pedro S. de Movellan—live from their respective studios—and examine their work with one of our most popular New York City-based contemporary art guides, followed by a round-table interview.

Thursday, June 11th, 3:00PM ET

*Fee to participate 

Global Classroom: Virtual Tour: A Geisha Performance in Kyoto

Enter a customary Japanese home in Kyoto and learn the centuries-old traditions of the Geisha from a dancer, choreographer and artisan.

Thursday, June 11th, 6:00PM ET

*Fee to participate 

Global Conversation: Author and Portuguese Royal Diana de Cadaval and Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley

Portuguese Duchess Diana de Cadaval discusses her books on Portuguese history, her country’s cultural traditions and insider tips on Lisbon, Comporta and beyond.

Friday, June 12th, 11:00AM ET