From the penguins who build their nests across the icescapes of Antarctica to the tawny lions who have adapted to hunt in the blazing deserts of Namibia, the focus of our Wildlife Around the World Global Classroom Series is the marvelous creatures that inhabit our planet—how they have survived, how they have evolved, and how we can help protect them in this era of unprecedented environmental threat. As you travel virtually around the world to meet leading conservationists and researchers, you’ll also get an inside look at three spectacular destinations—Antarctica, Mustique and Namibia—with tips for how to plan your own safe and sustainable adventures.

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Global Classroom: The Penguins of Antarctica

Join a penguin expert who lives in Antarctica for part of the year to discover how these birds are coping with climate change—and learn how you can travel there to help.

Tuesday, October 6th, 4:00PM ET

Global Classroom: The Coral Reef Restoration & Environmental Conservation on Mustique Island

Travel virtually to the private Caribbean island of Mustique for a deep dive into the coral reef reforestation initiatives that make up the fabric of this sustainably-minded destination.

Tuesday, October 13th, 3:00PM ET

Global Classroom: The Desert Lions of Namibia

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Namibia and get a special look at its unique population of desert-adapted lions with two of the region’s best-regarded wildlife experts.

Tuesday, October 20th, 2:00PM ET