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Edible Cookie Dough 101 with DŌ Founder Kristen Tomlan

Secret baking tips and tricks of the trade from Kristen Tomlan, creator of nationwide edible cookie dough sensation, DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections.

Harry Potter Adventures

Join our Harry Potter expert for a virtual adventure across London, the English countryside and beyond in search of the locations found in the Harry Potter film franchise and learn fun facts about Hogwarts and the history of magic along the way. 

Mystery of the Pharaohs: Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Whether you’ve studied Egypt in your World History class or ever wondered about the legendary stories of the building of the Pyramids and the Pharaohs behind them, this class is for you.

Marie Antoinette in Versailles, Meet the most famous Queen of France!

Travel back in time and discover the life of France’s most well-known queen—Marie Antoinette at the court of Versailles.

Backyard Safari + Art Live from Africa

Join one of our top guides in Africa and he'll show you the magic in your own backyard and tell stories about his adventures growing up in South Africa.

Beekeeping and Baking: From Ireland with Love

Irishwoman Rachel Gaffney (one of our popular Global Classroom hosts) will introduce kids to the native Irish Honeybee and share one of her favorite recipes for Lemon & Honey Pudding. 

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! Ancient Rome and the Colosseum

This entertaining virtual lesson with our Roman guide will spotlight the tumultuous history of the Ancient Roman Empire and the grand Colosseum.

Introduction to Painting

Your private art teacher, Minerva, will tackle the basic rules of color mixing and shares some of her tips and tricks, as kids complete a masterpiece of their own during the session. 

Backyard Wildlife Photography

One of Africa's top guides will offer easy advice on how to use a DSLR camera, so you are prepared to take the best shots possible, no matter where you may roam next. 

Greek Gods and Heroes: A Virtual Mythology Tour

A cool introduction to the tumultuous world of Greek mythology, the 12 mighty Greek gods and legendary heroes, with our guide, who will be Zooming in from Athens.

Kids Pizza-making Class

This class, with chef and culinary stylist Ashton Keefe, will cover the history of pizza-making and how to create your own classic at home. 

Summer Berry Pavlova from a 17th-century Irish Farmhouse Kitchen

Learn how to make a delicious summer pavlova with popular Global Classroom host, Rachel Gaffney, live from a traditional Irish farm in County Cork—hen and cow sightings, included!

Mysteries and Legends of Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

With our expert guide, you’ll unlock the mysteries and legends of some of Ancient Egypt’s most famous gods and goddesses and take a virtual tour in their home temples.

Secrets of Notre-Dame

Learn the hidden history behind one of the most famous icons of Paris, the medieval cathedral of Notre-Dame, which lost its main spire and roof after a fire nearly destroyed it in 2019.

Costumed Carnivals of America and Brazil

Explore American and Brazilian rhythms and songs that will be performed live from Rio, during this musical journey of festive global celebrations with our expert guide.

Stories Told through the Venetian Carnival Masks

Be guided through the tradition of mask-making and -wearing, live from a famous mask-maker’s studio in Venice and learn about all the different types of masks and the history behind them.

Amsterdam Canal Painting Class

Kids will create their own visions of Amsterdam canal houses and feel like they’ve traveled to the city of canals for the morning, with the guidance of artist Minerva Bianca.

Lee Fuller's Camping Skills

Our wilderness expert teaches you some handy skills, including how to pack a hiking backpack, put up (and take down) a tent, purify water for drinking, first aid tips and more.

Discover The Tower of London

From gore to glory, in this session you will dive into the history and notoriety of this sacred castle, which has been the backdrop for infamous stories of royal tragedy for 1,000 years.

Magic Show: Tricks of Deception

Learn magic straight from the repertoire of a professional magician. After this class, you'll amaze friends and family with a few tricks of your own up your sleeve.

Night Sky Wonders

In this session, live from Chile, kids will be introduced to the most amazing phenomena that happens in the night sky, and learn the science behind those stunning views. 

The Penguins of Antarctica

Join a penguin scientist to learn all about the “coolest” animals ever—penguins!—and get a chance to help with her research in Antarctica.