We’ve gathered top conservation experts from all over the world to discuss the latest on responsible tourism, sustainability and conservation efforts, the history of safaris in Africa, how we can support local communities, wildlife photography and more. We’ve highlighted a few of our most popular classes below, or click here to see our full private class offerings with more conservation classes, as well as all of our offerings.

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The History of Safari

Come along with one of our top safari experts, Colin Bell, as he traces the history of safaris in Africa, with a focus on Kenya, South Africa and Botswana.

The Last of The Big Tuskers

Conservationist, author and National Geographic TV host James Currie discusses his latest documentary on the plight of the planet's last remaining super tusker elephants.

Human-Wildlife Conflict in Kenya

Join one of our top East Africa guides as he offers his unique insights into the relationship between tourism, supporting local communities and conservation efforts in rural Kenya.

Photographing Wildlife with Dana Allen

Join Dana Allen, naturalist, author, guide, educator, artist and wildlife photographer for this class on how to develop the best practices and skills for wildlife photography.

Insights into Aboriginal Australia

In this class, with an Aboriginal guide from the Koorie Heritage Trust of Melbourne, explore the untold history of the continent’s indigenous peoples.

African Exploration

Travel from the flooded delta of Botswana to the spiny forests of Madagascar with Lee Fuller, one of the eminent guides to the continent, as he offers his own inimitable examination of history, his adventures in the wild and the evolution of safaris and wildlife conservation in the region. Lee offers classes ranging on topics such as the endemic oddities of Madagascar to bush skills and campfire cooking.

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