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Destination Spotlight: Saudi Arabia

After spending decades in isolation, Saudi Arabia only opened to tourism in 2019. Last fall, Indagare's Melissa Biggs Bradley returned to the country with Indagare Productions Director Kathryn Nathanson to film a three-part video series on the destination - traveling from the capital city of Riyadh to the magical deserts and oases of AlUla. In this series, you'll discover the ancient wonders of Saudi Arabia, meet the locals and changemakers on the ground, and see firsthand a society in the midst of dramatic transformation and social change. Plus, Melissa will provide important context and information surrounding travel to the kingdom today.



Know Before You Go: NYC’s Spring Art Exhibitions

We love Spring in New York City and its inspiring sense of renewal. Like the tulips on Park Avenue, museum exhibitions are in full bloom—and art historian and guide Page Knox is back with her latest series of discussions about what’s on this season. As part of Indagare’s Know Before You Go series, Page will offer an in-depth look at the life and work of the artists featured in some of the biggest shows on view at MOMA, the MET and the Guggenheim. Whether you plan to visit in-person or not, join her to learn about these talented painters, photographers and designers this spring.

7 sessions
April - June, 2023


How to Pack for Summer in the Mediterranean with Mytheresa

During this livestream event, Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley will talk you through how to pull together the perfect wardrobe for your Mediterranean adventure, whether it’s a romantic getaway, an action-packed, multi-generation adventure or somewhere in between. Showcasing some of her favorite brands and pieces from Indagare’s custom edit on Mytheresa, Melissa will talk through how to pack for a summer trip to the Mediterranean, from Sicily to Malta and beyond. There will be plenty of time at the end of the program for questions and answers.

Thursday, April 6
12:00 - 12:30 p.m. ET

Why Go Now: Sicily with Jamie Sewell

British-born scholar, lecturer, and expert guide Jamie Sewell will host Indagare's Insider Journey to Sicily this October. Jamie has a BA in History and Archaeology and a PhD in Roman Archaeology from the University of London. During this livestream conversation, Jamie will share highlights of what makes our trip to Sicily so special, including what one can expect to see, experience - and of course, learn. Come prepared with all your questions about this special itinerary or about Jamie's own fascinating personal history. He will save time at the end to address them all.

Friday, April 14th
12:00 - 12:30 p.m. ET 


Why Go Now: Berlin with Jamie Sewell

One of Indagare's top guides, Jamie Sewell is a Berlin-based, British-born scholar and lecturer whose background in the dramatic arts makes for memorable tours. Jamie will be hosting his second Inside Journey to Berlin from September 18 - 23, 2023 and during this intimate Zoom conversation Jamie and Indagare's Elise Bronzo will discuss the itinerary- and why Berlin, with its rich history, art and culture, should be on your bucket list, if it is'n't already. There will also be plenty of time for questions, so come prepared to ask about the details of the Insider Journey or learn more about Berlin. 

Monday, April 24th
12:00 - 12:30 p.m. ET 

Celebrate South Africa's Freedom Day with a Cooking Class at Cape Town's Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel

Belmond Mount Nelson has partnered with Indagare to celebrate Freedom Day in South Africa on April 27th by creating a traditional dish with Chef Brinelle Cunningham. During this special live cooking program, you will be joined by the legendary head gardener for a tour of the gardens before Chef Cunningham guides you through an interactive garden-to-table cooking demo celebrating the Cape’s distinctive flavors.

Thursday, April 27
12:00- 1:00 p.m. ET

Vogue x Indagare Insider Journeys: A Conversation With Melissa Biggs Bradley and Willow Lindley

Join Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley and Vogue Accessories and Collaborations Director Willow Lindley for an intimate, in-depth conversation about our upcoming journeys to Paris and Milan this October. In this conversation, they'll share what makes our Insider Journeys hosted with Vogue so special, and offer a sneak peek at what’s on our radar for future Vogue and Indagare itineraries. They will also answer any and all questions about Paris, Milan, and beyond at the end of the program. 

Tuesday, May 9
 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. ET

Why Go Now

In this series of conversations, Indagare staff, local experts, hosts and insiders discuss the specific destinations that are on our radar, highlighting why you should visit them now, or at least add them to your bucket list. Plus, learn about some of our favorite Insider Journeys from the partners who bring them to life.


How to Pack

Ranging from how to pack into a carry-on to what pieces to bring to diverse destinations, and at different times of the year, this series of tutorial-like programs will have you packing like a pro in no time. Plus, you’re sure to glean outfit inspiration for your next trip.


Destination and Hotel Spotlights

The Indagare Spotlight Series showcase our favorite brands and destinations by highlighting the stories and experiences that make them stand out. These videos include exclusive access tours, follow-along cooking and mixology sessions, wellness programming, educational deep dives and more. 

Destination Download Video Series

Our small-group luxury trips—called Insider Journeys—are carefully curated around passion points, from art and design to adventure and conservation. Discover some of our favorite destinations with a series of short videos narrated by our founder and most popular trip host, Melissa Biggs Bradley.

Future of Travel Talk: Where to Go in 2023

Melissa Biggs Bradley, Indagare Founder & CEO, answers your questions on where to go in 2023. In this Global Conversation, she covers the destinations that should be on your radar—from the getaways you can book closer to your departure date to the must-visit spots that are filling up fast—as well as tips for navigating today's travel landscape. 

Indagare x Bank of America Virtual Experiences

Exclusively for Bank of America Preferred Rewards Diamond Honors tier members, Indagare has curated one-of-a-kind, one-hour experiences that are live streamed with local production crews from some of the most special places in the world with the people who define and protect them.

Curated Tours and Classes On Your Own Time

From the art of wine or tequila tasting to the history of the African safari or Vincent van Gogh, the options for your next private virtual event are endless.

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Indagare Clubs

Our Indagare Clubs - hosted via Zoom - offer unique opportunities for small groups of like-minded people to pursue passions and explore destinations together, virtually, on a recurring basis. Enjoy curated lectures, engaging discussions, private interactive tours and behind-the-scenes access on the subjects you love—from art and history to cocktails, cooking and more.


Customizable Sessions for Your Teams & Clients

We've worked with organizations like Oracle, eBay, Merrill Lynch, T. Rowe Price, CIBC and more to help them engage their employees, clients and members. 

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Indagare Souks

Shop Indagare Souks!

Shop the Souk Catalogue and watch the recordings of our Virtual Souks from Designer Anna Trzebinski's studio at Hotel Eden in Nairobi, to The Retreat in Kigali, Rwanda with hotel owner Alissa Ruxin and various artisans, Jaipur and Delhi with lifestyle specialist and textile expert Marcella Echavarria and Indian designers, and Marrakech at the boutique property Jnane Tamsna with international tastemaker, Meryanne Loum-Martin and various Moroccon designers.