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CULINARY: Entertaining at Home with Eleven Madison Park - Edition 1: American BBQ

Master a perfect barbecue menu, as you learn to multitask your way around the kitchen, properly season food—and become the ultimate summer host.

CULINARY: The Art of Roman Pasta

Try your hand at La Cucina Romana, using centuries-old techniques—and simple ingredients—to create iconic dishes such as carbonara and amatriciana with an Italian journalist and chef.

CULINARY: Florentine Gnocchi Cooking Class

Under the guidance of our experienced Florence-based chef, enjoy learning how to make classic gnocchi in the comfort of your own kitchen.

CULINARY: Pizza-making or Cacio e Pepe with Hotel Eden's Michelin-starred Chef, Fabio Ciervo

Join Michelin-starred chef Fabio Ciervo, from Hotel Eden, one of Indagare’s most-booked properties in Rome, in making his signature Cacio e Pepe or personalized delicious pizza at home.

CULINARY: Cooking with Ashton Keefe

Chef and culinary stylist Ashton Keefe teaches you how to make simple yet elegant dishes like Parisian bistro fare (steak frites and apple tarte tatin), Spanish Paella, or brunch classics at home.

CULINARY: Edible Cookie Dough 101 with DŌ Founder Kristen Tomlan *Available starting July 20th*

Secret baking tips and tricks of the trade from Kristen Tomlan, creator of nationwide edible cookie dough sensation, DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections.

CULINARY: Irish Baking with Rachel Gaffney

Ireland’s Rachel Gaffney on the history of Irish baking and her traditional recipe (and tricks) for Irish soda bread, lemon drizzle cake or Irish butter shortbread.

CULINARY: Ceviche 101 & Culinary Cartagena

Learn to cook Colombian specialties with chef Alejandro Ramirez, of the popular restaurants Maria and Don Juan in Cartagena as your guide. 

CULINARY: The Chocolate Traveler: Tales and Tastings

Ecole Chocolat Pam Williams introduces you to the world of fine chocolate, the art of tasting, flavor and more.

CULINARY: Tales of Brazilian Cuisine - Moqueca

Prepare moqueca, a dish that represents the essence of Brazilian cuisine. Fabio Taveira, a trained chef and musician from São Paulo, will help you understand the country’s rich history through this gastronomical adventure.

CULINARY: Brazilian Food Tales - Feijoada, A Traditional Black Bean Stew Cooking Class

This class delves into the most important dish in Brazilian culture--the feijoada—the hearty black bean stew that has become a national specialty, with popular chef Fabio Teveira.

CULINARY: Brazilian Food Tales - Desserts

Chef Fabio Taveira teaches you how to make three of the country's favorite desserts: the Brigadeiro (fudge balls), the Quindim (a coconut custard), and the Peanut Paçoca (a candy treat).

CULINARY: Moroccan Tagine Cooking Class

Travel (virtually) to Morocco and learn the secret to perfect tagine, the traditional North African dish, in this hands-on workshop at the Fez Cooking School of Palais Amani.

CULINARY: Sicilian Gelo Cooking Class

Join our Sicilian-based chef  to learn how to make Gelo, also known as Biancomangiare, a delicious traditional Sicilian cold, pudding-type spoon dessert infused with spices.

CULINARY/CONSERVATION: Bush Skills with one of our top Africa experts: Campfire Cooking

Just in time for summer, one of our favorite Africa guides is back to show you recipes to cook when out in the African wilderness—or over just about any other open fire.

WINE: Napa Valley Talk + Tasting

Taste the wines from a top Napa valley vineyard and meet the owners, with one of our premier guides in the region.

WINE: The Vines of Mendoza Talk + Tasting

After a short introduction to Malbec's history, learn why the terroir in Mendoza's Uco Valley produces some of the world's finest Malbecs. Optional tasting available.

WINE: The Vines of Chile Talk + Tasting

Learn to taste wines from Chile’s finest regions—and explore the country’s many natural treasures—with a local expert and producer.

WINE: The Vines of Bordeaux: Right Bank versus Left Bank Wines with a Master of Wine

Join a master of wine to discuss one of the world’s most famous wine regions—Bordeaux—for a deep dive into the region’s history, culture and terroir.

WINE: Port Tasting in the Douro Valley

Virtually travel with us to one of our favorite hotels in the world’s oldest operating wine region, the Six Senses Douro Valley, for an exclusive Port wine tasting with two of our experts.

WINE: Wine Pairing with Chef Fabio

Learn the best way to match certain foods with the right wines to enhance and bring out their essential flavors with popular Global Classroom chef Fabio from Brazil.

SPIRITS: Mixology Class & Tasting: Entertaining at Home with Eleven Madison Park - Edition 1: American BBQ Mixology

This is the first in a series of classes in collaboration with Eleven Madison Park, to help you master entertaining at home. In this edition, you will master backyard summer cocktails, from shandys to swizzles.

SPIRITS: Building Your Bar: Home Bartending Techniques with Matthew Hunter, Head Bartender of Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park's Head Bartender will teach you how to make four delicious, simple, balanced cocktails with spirits that will become staples on your back bar.

SPIRITS: Making the Summer Spritz with the Head Bartender of Eleven Madison Park

The head bartender of New York City’s famed restaurant Eleven Madison Park returns for another mixology session devoted to summer’s hottest cocktail: the Spritz.

SPIRITS: Sake Tasting in Japan with an Ex Shinto Priestess

In this class, explore the roots of sake, with a former Shinto priestess and taste a recommended seasonal bottle as she shares her story and the rich traditions of her Japanese culture.

SPIRITS: Colombian Rum Distillation & Tasting

Take part in Colombia’s most dynamic and entertaining pastime—salsa dancing—with our handpicked instructor in Cartagena.

SPIRITS: Tequila Tasting

Enjoy a tequila tasting and be guided through the origins, history and process of making and distilling tequila from agave with our lead Mexico expert.

SPIRITS: Responsible Bartending, Cocktails and Sustainability

Join Vijay Mudaliar, founder of Native in Singapore, one of the World's Best Bars, for a comprehensive lesson on the spirits of the region.

ART: Contemporary Black Art in America

This virtual tour with one of our art experts will explore work by some of the most influential contemporary Black artists in America today and will include a discussion with artist Wole Lagunju.

ART: A Tour of Royal Versailles

A behind-the-scenes tour and interactive experience of Versailles with one of our favorite Paris experts.

ART: The Heart of Venice: Symbols, Art and Architecture of St. Mark’s Square

Join our expert local guide for a virtual tour of the art, architecture and symbols found in Piazza di San Marco, the political and religious heart of Venice for over 1,000 years.

ART: Art Nouveau and Cubist Architecture: Prague after 1900

Learn about the signature style and the dramatic social and political history of Art Nouveau in early 20th-century Prague with a top guide.

ART: Current Contemporary Art Exhibitions from NYC to LA

Virtually visit contemporary art exhibitions in NYC, L.A. and beyond with the art curator, advisor, guide, and founder of ArtMuse.

ART: The Art of Seduction at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Award-winning art historian and founder of ArtMuse Natasha Schlesinger leads a virtual tour of the most alluring and dramatic portraits of women and the stories behind them.

ART: Frieze Contemporary Art Fair, Curated

To help you navigate this year’s Frieze Art Fair online, Natasha Schlesinger has curated select works from international galleries and offers her ideas on what to look for, plus the artists to watch—and collect.

ART: Art Basel, Curated

One of our top art guides has designed a curated virtual tour of Art Basel 2020's Online Viewing Rooms, with a selection of some of the most exciting work from international galleries.

ART: The NaDa Art Fair Virtual Tour

This special curated virtual tour of the NaDa Art Fair showcases some of the world’s best contemporary art and some of the most exciting international artists working today.

ART: Vincent van Gogh, a Life in Art

Our expert art historian will examine the life of the artist, retracing events in his life, including a series of mishaps and failures and three years in which he produced some of his greatest masterworks.

ART: Young Rembrandt

Our top Amsterdam-based art historian, on the artist’s life and work, from his early Leiden years through his career in Amsterdam.

ART: The Life of Vermeer

Discover how the 17th-century Dutch master, Vermeer, emerged as a super-specialist in interior scenes, with one of our top art historian guides and specialist in European art.

ART: Timeless Maria: The Image of the Virgin and Caravaggio’s Artistic Revolution

This lecture by one of our top guides in Rome will reveal the familial history of Mary and examine the ways the image of the Virgin Mary has been depicted throughout art history through Caravaggio’s paintings. 

ART: Art in response to Nature: Art and Architecture at Château La Coste

Experience the art of Château La Coste, one of Indagare’s favorite properties in Provence, and learn the stories behind the work of artists such as Tadao Ando, Louise Bourgeois, Frank Gehry, Andy Goldsworthy, Ai Weiwei and Renzo Piano, on this virtual tour.

ART: Masterworks in the Rijksmuseum

Join one of our top art guides for a virtual visit inside Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and learn about work by Dutch Masters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, Jan Steen and Frans Hals.

ART: 17th-century Dutch Flower Still life Paintings

Step back in time and explore Dutch flower culture on canvas with an art historian in the Netherlands to learn about the genre and the symbolism behind these beautiful works of art.

ART: After Hours at the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

One of our top Rome guides leads this after-hours virtual tour of the city’s majestic Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, home to a noble family since the 17th century.

ART: Angkor Wat, Art in Relief

Learn from one of our top guides in Cambodia about the history behind Angkor Wat, the UNESCO World Heritage site just outside Siem Reap.

DESIGN: Inside Barcelona's Modernist Architecture

Enjoy a virtual visit to the interior of the astonishing Sagrada Familia, by the hand of our top guide in Barcelona. You will be introduced to Gaudi and the story behind his most famous work, La Sagrada Familia, on a virtual tour.

GARDENS: The Gardens of Versailles Virtual Tour

Join one of Indagare’s premier Paris guides for a virtual tour through the Gardens of Versailles, with behind-the-scenes access to Marie-Antoinette's private domaine.

HISTORY: Special Access Live Virtual Tour of Prague’s Strahov Monastery Library

Join our expert guide on a live-streamed, behind-the-ropes tour through one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and view the Strahov Monastery book collection.

HISTORY: Brezls, Beer & Oktoberfest from Munich

Learn about the distinctive Bavarian traditions behind Oktoberfest in Munich - along with the beer, the people and the culture that bring this festival to life.

HISTORY: Virtual Journey Down the Nile

This virtual tour, with one of our most popular Egyptologist guides, will cover the top temples and sites visited by the best boats cruising on the Nile in Upper Egypt today.

HISTORY: Inside the Great Pyramids of Egypt

Join one of Indagare’s best Egyptologist guides and time-travel to the age of the Great Pyramids to learn the stories behind their construction.

HISTORY: Inside The Temples of Ancient Egypt Lecture with Q&A

Join one of our top Egyptologist guides to explore some of the most famous temples in Egypt including Karnak, Luxor, and Hatshipsut Temples and the Temples at Abu Simbel.

HISTORY: Inside the Ancient City of Luxor Lecture + Q+A

Venture to Egypt in this lecture lead by one of Indagare's most popular guides to discover the ancient city of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.

HISTORY: St. Peter’s Basilica: Then & Now

A narrative exploration of St. Peter’s Basilica with one of our favorite guides in Italy.

HISTORY: The Unification of Italy

The highlights of Italy’s tumultuous past and the battle for the Italian state, with one of our favorite Italian guides.

HISTORY: Mexico Beyond the Beach: Maya Ruins & Rituals

Explore the ancient Maya Ruins and Rituals of Chiapas with our guide to the region.

HISTORY: Behind the Scenes at Changing of the Guard with Andrew Wallis

Step inside London’s Guards Museum with its longtime director to examine some of its most famous and important artifacts surrounding British military and Royal family.

HISTORY: Behind the Palace Gates: An Inside Look at the British Royal Family

Join royal biographer Ingrid Seward and one of Indagare’s favorite British culture experts for an inside take on the British Royal Family’s most iconic moments.

HISTORY: The Sistine Chapel, Revisited

A unique look onto the lesser-known curiosities of the world’s most famous chapel.

HISTORY: Constructing Prague: Europe's Major Architectural Styles in the Golden City

Discover Europe's major architectural styles with Prague as your blueprint.

HISTORY: The Secrets of Notre Dame's Construction

Discover the secrets of the architects, masons, sculptors and alchemists who created this iconic medieval megastructure.

HISTORY: Old Town Virtual Tour of Kraków

Take a journey through Polish history, as we virtually visit the most beautiful places in Kraków’s Old Town.

HISTORY: The Jewish Quarter of Kraków

Discover Kazimierz, the Jewish district of Kraków and the best-preserved Jewish quarter in Europe, with our expert guide.

HISTORY: The Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda, Then and Now

Learn more about the causes, events and ramifications of the Rwanda genocide from the director of the memorial in Kigali, one of the most important tourist sites in the country.

CONSERVATION: Gorilla Trekking

Learn from our conservation expert about the gorillas of Rwanda, their history, their environment and how to see them.

CONSERVATION: What Works in Big Cat Conservation

Executive Director of the Big Cats program of the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo on protecting these charismatic creatures.

CONSERVATION: The Endemic Oddities of Madagascar

Everything you ever wanted to know about the strange, unique plants and animals of the endangered island of Madagascar, with one of Africa’s top guides.

CONSERVATION: Amazon Rainforest

One of the leading voices in Amazon conservation and advocacy explains the current condition of the Amazon rainforest, why there’s reason to be optimistic and what you can do to help.

CONSERVATION: The Whales of New York: A New Tale

Join Dr. Howard C. Rosenbaum, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Ocean Giants Program and Senior Scientist at the New York Aquarium, and learn how the WCS is protecting whales and other marine wildlife on (and off) our shores.

CONSERVATION: The Last of The Big Tuskers

Join conservationist, author and National Geographic TV host James Currie as he discusses his latest documentary on the plight of the planet's last remaining super tusker elephants.

CONSERVATION: Bush Skills with one of Africa’s renowned wilderness experts

In this class, perfect for kids—but with something for all ages—one of Africa's top guides will impart important skills for surviving in the wilderness. 

CONSERVATION: Jaguar Collaring in the Pantanal

Learn from two wildlife experts about the jaguar conservation project that is protecting one of the world’s largest big cats.

CONSERVATION: Photographing Wildlife with wildlife photographer Dana Allen

Join Dana Allen, naturalist, author, guide, educator, artist and wildlife photographer for this class on how to develop the best practices and skills for wildlife photography.

CULTURE: Polish Food with a Splash of Vodka

Discover the distinctive traditions of Polish cuisine, including the essential foods, bread-making practices and markets of Kraków, with one of our top guides in the region.

CULTURE: Lecture: Linda Leaming

Author of Married to Bhutan and Field Guide to Happiness, Linda Leaming will Zoom from Bhutan to share stories of her life in the magical Kingdom of the Himalayas.

CULTURE: Japanese Tea Ceremony

The art of the Japanese tea ceremony with our expert in Kyoto.

CULTURE: Flower Arranging with Philip Hammond, Designer Florist at The Dorchester, London

Join this master class as our expert takes you through the process of creating a quintessentially British hand-tied floral bouquet. 


Enter a customary Japanese home in Kyoto and learn the centuries-old traditions of the Geisha.

DANCE: Intro to Flamenco Dance Class

An introduction to the essentials of Spanish Flamenco with our Sevilla-born dance instructor.

MUSIC: Musical Brazil from Colony to Bossa Nova

Part-lecture, part-music lesson, this class, with one of our favorite guides  in the region, spans Brazilian musical history, from samba and batuque to Bossa nova.

WELLNESS: The Art of Horse Whispering at Nihi Sumba, with Carol Sharpe

Meet Nihi Sumba’s Carol Sharpe, the horse whisperer behind Indonesia’s Sandalwood Stables and learn about the intuitive practice that can also be used as a mirror for alignment and self-discovery.

WELLNESS: Virtual tour: Mindful Moments from Mii Amo

Join in a virtual mindfulness session led by Kim McDermott and Jim Root from Mii amo, one of our favorite destination spas.

WELLNESS: Unlock the Mystery of your Chart with Indagare’s favorite astrologist, Kamma Bothe

Gain insights into reading the stars and an opportunity to see your own life through a fascinating and inspiring window, with Indagare’s favorite astrologist, who will inspire you to see your complete potential in a new way.